An Ideas Breakdown On Efficient Fertility Difficulties Strategies

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Brexit negotiations may last beyond 2021, Chancellor Philip Hammond says Evening Thanks for this Standard 1 day ago JOE MURPHY, NIcholas Cecil Philip Hammond today admitted that Brexit negotiations could take longer than two years. The Chancellor appeared to contradict Theresa May , who on Tuesday said a deal would be reached by 2021. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Hammond said interim arrangements will be put in place if discussions havent quite got there within the two-year deadline. His words will please City chiefs who are worried a complex deal giving the financial sector access to European markets could take longer to strike. Mrs May has said she will avoid a cliff-edge of change by allowing periods for adjustment after 2021, but on the basis of deals concluded by then. The Chancellor implied negotiations could carry on in some areas. He said: If we are making good progress but havent quite got there we will simply agree Britain will leave the EU and we will agree some interim arrangements while we complete the discussion. But we think it can be done in two years if there is a political will on both sides to reach agreement on our exit and at least agreement on the broad principles of the end state that will exist between the UK and the EU. The European Commission has said Britain cannot have talks on market access until it signs of up a divorce settlement including a bill of 50 billion in future payments. Mr Hammond said quitting within two years was a political necessity but conceded the need for political will in Brussels. Taking part in a panel discussion, he said the strong preference he and Mrs May shared was to secure a comprehensive free trade agreement with the rest of the union.

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