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UK hospitals

Patients can be transferred several times and staff often switch over. It requires everyone to think delirium and identify that a patients brain function has changed. The UCL researchers said delirium could also reveal important source the onset of dementia Dr Daviss research showed older people who suffer an episode of delirium are eight times more likely to be diagnosed within the next three years compared to those who hadnt, while people with existing dementia Thanks for this had a three-fold risk Telling my sister about this of the condition worsening after an episode. If delirium is causing brain injury in the short and long-term, then we must increase our efforts to diagnose, prevent and treat it, he said. Ultimately, targeting delirium could be a chance to delay or reduce dementia. Dementia affects approximately 850,000 people in the UK, with the number set to rise to more than a million by 2025, according to the Alzheimers Society. NHS statistics from 2015 revealed hospitals were routinely failing patients by not taking enough to prevent them becoming distressed or suffering harm, such as by installing handrails to prevent falls or putting up clear signs to stop patients getting lost. This was despite an initiative launched by David Cameron in 2012 to make wards more dementia-friendly. Dr Clare Walton, Research Manager at Alzheimers Society said: Delirium is a temporary state of confusion and disorientation that is quite common among older people, especially those in hospital or living with dementia. Growing evidence Retweeted shows that a case of delirium can predict worsening memory and thinking problems or the onset of dementia. This study suggests that delirium is not just a result of dementia-related changes in the brain but might independently cause problems with cognition. “We dont understand why yet, but future research should look at the long term impact of delirium on the brain.

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